Local Business Spotlight: WOW 1 DAY PAINTING

Local Business Spotlight: WOW 1 DAY PAINTING


If you have ever had your house painted, you are fully aware of how stressful of an event it can be. Luckily, a Boston-area business is here to simplify everything.

The name says it all, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING. These interior and exterior home painters here in Worcester will finish the job (regardless of size) in a single day.

Here is an except from their website:


Just because we complete your house painting or office painting project in 1 DAY doesn’t mean it isn’t done right. Our revolutionary system, perfected over 20 years, along with the right number of professional painters, means we can complete your residential or commercial painting to the highest standards.

I found the company to be entirely professional, they did an amazing job for me, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone in the area who needs their home painted.

For more information, visit their website: http://www.wow1day.com/

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Auto Insurance Price Breakdown

Auto Insurance Price Breakdown



Auto Insurance. Shopping for it is not enjoyable. Trying to figure out which policy is best for you is confusing. Typically we just like to choose the cheapest, however, depending on where you live geographically that may not be the choice as those of us located near or adjacent to our Southern Border must take into account the high percentage of uninsured drivers.

Not only does this typically raise our annual premium, but usually it will require us to buy additional coverage and pay higher deductibles in the unfortunate event that we do need to bring our car into a body shop. There are ultimately 7 primary factors that have the most significant impact on your insurance premium.

  • Aesthetics:
  • Fuel Efficiency:
  • Usability:
  • Comfort:
  • Drivability:
  • Engine Horsepower:
  • Crash Test Ratings:

Now it will not take a rocket scientist to figure out that driving a high performance sports car will yield significantly higher rates than say a small sedan. This infographic lists among the 10 most popular vehicles to drive as well as the upper and lower limits for what people pay for insurance.

Thus, if you drive one of the vehicles described in the above infographic and are paying significantly more, perhaps you have a strong case to change carriers, or perhaps you are buying too much coverage.

Regardless it’s always a good idea to do a bit of research to see what else is out there. Luckily with the digital age there are numerous ways to save time by comparing numerous carriers’ quotes at one time.

One such company compare.com does this for Auto Insurance. So even if your car is not one of the 10 vehicles, it’s still worth a shot to give compare.com a visit and Compare Auto Insurance now to see if you could be saving money on your policy!






Countdown to Moving Day

Countdown to Moving Day

The Countdown to Moving Day

Whether you have sold your house, your rent is up, or whatever the circumstance; the actual event of moving to a new house is one of the most stressful endeavors of a human’s lifetime. The only way to disseminate this stress is to begin moving preparations far enough in advance. By doing this you can ensure that moving day will go smoothly and you can start enjoying your new home on day 1.

90-Day Action Items

When you are 3 months ahead of your chosen moving date, there is already much work to be done. By beginning this far in advance you can make sure that your move is properly planned and the correct amount of time is allocated for each step.

At this point, it is time to start packing away your personal belongings. Either your house is for sale or your lease is up, but either way the property will probably start being shown to prospective new residents. By packing up your personal touches to the house (such as photos, refrigerator decorations, and wall art) you are simultaneously packing for your move and making the property easier to sell to the next prospect.

60-Day Action Items

As you approach the mark of being 2 months out of moving day, it’s time to start cleaning the house. You will want to make sure to remember all the little nooks and crannies that can get dirty as you have lived in your home. Wiping the floorboards, hiring a painter in Worcester, and cleaning the air vents are all items on the 2-month checklist. If you are in a lease then these steps will make sure to get you your deposit back, other wise it just saves you the trouble of spending money on a cleaning company after you move out.

30-Day Action Items

By the time you are 1 month from moving the house should be perfectly staged and have undergone strenuous cleaning. This is when you will want to start packing the belongings you can go without for the next month.

The more you can pack early the least stress you will feel the week of the move so it is important to be proactive in this regard.

Once you have packed everything you don’t need for every day living, you will see the amount of unnecessary junk and furniture you have accumulated during your time in your home. As you are one full month away from moving, this will leave you time to plane and execute a moving sale. Using a portion of your profits from the moving sale to hire a furniture removal company is a great way to make sure your things are disposed of responsibly.

moving-boxes-fill-apartment-icon2 weeks to moving day

When you are two weeks away from your moving day it is absolutely imperative that you hire a local moving company, if you haven’t already done so. Make sure to look online for reviews and recommendations and vet a few companies before settling. Going with the cheapest discount mover is not a good idea if they are not insured.

This could result in zero coverage for anything they break. Additionally, some small cheap moving companies are scammers who will load up their truck with your stuff and never be seen again. This is why hiring a trustworthy and insured moving company is critical.

The Big Day

If you have followed the detailed plan above, then moving day will be a breeze when it finally arrives. Your house will be clean, packed and a moving company will be there to load everything up and take it to your new home. To make the next week even easier on yourself following the move, pack a suitcase with everything you need to live for a week.

Many of your belongings may be buried in boxes and can be difficult to sift through. Labeling each box by room is another tactic that can make the unpacking your boxes much easier.

Matt Lawler is a digital marketing specialist from Tempe, Arizona where he attended Arizona State University. Whenever he can step away from the computer, Matt enjoys playing sports, traveling and exploring the great outdoors.

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Matt Lawler: Worcester Life

Matt Lawler: Worcester Life

matt-headshot-News about Worcester from Worcester Wired

Worcester Wired is pleased to welcome our newest writer, Matt Lawler to the fold as a contributor. Matt is an accomplished writer whose work is published on over 50 websites worldwide.

Matt is a recent graduate of Arizona State University where he studied marketing with a focus on Internet Marketing.

While he did find work as a marketer, Matt has never stopped producing quality content for websites across North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Matt will be covering a host of topics with us here at Worcester Wired as he continues writing useful information for young professionals and Millenials who turn to websites such as this in search of quality information.

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