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How Colors Influence Stress Levels

Winter season is finally coming to a close and spring is upon us. The environment we surround ourselves with has great effect on our mood and outlook. For many, the cold and dreary conditions cause an immense amount of stress. The inability to get outside and enjoy... read more

January Renovations

January Resolutions Well now comes the time to bid adieu to 2015. Hopefully the New Year brings new found happiness to as many of us as possible. That being said most have us have plenty to be thankful for and it’s time for many of us to make our resolutions.... read more

How to Avoid a Moving Day Disaster

  Moving can be a very stressful and time-consuming endeavor. Many people deal with this by simply hiring a full-service mover, but plenty of people also choose to take it upon themselves to move all of their worldly possessions on their own. Most people do this... read more

Matt Lawler: Worcester Life

-News about Worcester from Worcester Wired Worcester Wired is pleased to welcome our newest writer, Matt Lawler to the fold as a contributor. Matt is an accomplished writer whose work is published on over 50 websites worldwide. Matt is a recent graduate of Arizona... read more

U Mass Medical School Gets Contract

WORCESTER – The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has awarded a contract to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School to design and implement a system to manage all online training offered through the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Office of Developmental Programs.The Shriver Center will partner on this contract with Pennsylvania-based Adept Consulting Services to simplify an extensive network of more than 650 online […]

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